Le Tan in Le Can

2013-10-letan I tend to avoid the sun (it hates me, and the feeling is mutual) so if I want a tan, I do the fake tan thing.

On the very rare occasions I feel like splashing a bit of colour on my deathly pale skin, I usually spray on the Garnier version but gave this a bash the week it arrived, giving my arms a wee coating of liquid sunshine.

It smells great and left my skin feeling well moisturised but the colour was probably a little too intense for me.

If you like a deep bronze tan, this will probably be right up your alley.

TIP: If you are using a fake tan, don’t forget to exfoliate and wear latex gloves so you don’t end up with orange palms.

LE TAN IN LE CAN (RRP $18.99 for 150g)


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