UPDATED Kiri Manuka Honey face moisturiser

December 7, 2013

2013-10-kirifaceI went back and tried this again a couple of weeks after initially testing it and my opinion has changed.

To be perfectly honest, I was simply too lazy to walk downstairs to the bathroom to grab my usual moisturiser so decided to give this another go, since the sample tube was sitting on my computer desk.

Second time around, I found the heaviness of the lotion didn’t bother me so much at all. And the slightly hot/stingy sensation I noticed after cleansing has disappeared. The result? I’ve now gone and bought this in both a day and night cream and use it daily.

I still cleanse my face with Cetaphil but am now really liking this. And as an added bonus, it’s incredibly cheap!

Here’s my original review:
This one I wasn’t such a fan of: it was very thick and felt quite greasy on my face.

Also, when applying after cleansing it felt a bit “stingy” and hot. To be fair, it didn’t actually irritate my skin but it wasn’t pleasant.

It has the same fragrance as the body lotion, which I found a bit much in a face cream. I think I’ll stick with my Cetaphil moisturiser (wonderful stuff if you’re inclined to have problem skin).



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