Lessons in sportsmanship

October 23, 2011

rugby-world-cup-2011-logoIt seems to have taken forever to get to the final of the Rugby World Cup and I’m pinning my hopes (and a small wager with a rugby-hating friend who trundled out the “it’s only a game” line after the 2007 quarter-final) on the All Blacks doing what they do so well: winning.

I had been feeling a little sorry for the French, being the target of so much ill will from the New Zealand rugby-loving public but after the nasty threats from French defensive coach Dave Ellis yesterday, I’m no longer feeling sympathetic.

Ellis has said a “crippling psychological impact should McCaw’s dodgy foot be – mysteriously – injured by a big French brute at Eden Park”.

When he was asked if France would try to limit McCaw’s time on the field he smiled and said:  “I’d like to think so. McCaw is major player. Somebody will stand on his foot, no doubt.”

So this is how the French think they are going to take home the Webb Ellis Trophy? By dirty play? By setting out to injure an opposing player instead of setting out to play a better game of rugby?

Mange de la merde you nasty bunch of feckers.

And go the All Blacks!


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  1. Neener, neener, neener … we won | By George on October 24, 2011 at 12:02 am

    […] Neener, neener, neener … we won October 24, 2011That was way too scary but I suppose it was a game of two halves and rugby was the winner on the day. Well, actually, we were the winners. I’ve just finished work and while I’m pleased the Rugby World Cup specialist pages are over and done with for four more years (take the George Gregan, you bald little pillock) I’m even more pleased our boys in black got the job done. Put that in your croissants and smoke it, you Richie McCaw-threatening morons. […]

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