Her cups runneth over

joans-boobiesI sort of admire the attitude of a Welsh great-grandmother who decided to buy herself a new set of boobies at the age of 65 but I think that perhaps she went a little overboard.

Joan Lloyd was widowed last year and decided it was time to treat herself to the new lady lumps, going from a somewhat miserly A cup to a positively frighteningly mountainous F cup.

As you can see in the photo, the lovely Joan now looks a little off balance and I’m sure the new fun-bags must be something of a health risk, increasing her chance of toppling over and breaking a hip.

As you can also see from the photo, Joan is a rather attractive woman who looks to be in bloody good repair for a woman of 65.

Except for those monstrous appendages she now has stuck on her ribcage.

Do the growing rates of dementia and this trend we now have for fake boobs and Viagra mean we’re going to have retirement villages full of oldies with big boobs and erect dangly bits but no memory of what the hell to do with them?

But I digress: congrats on your new boob Joan.

I guess at that size they’ll pull the wrinkles out of your face.




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