Winter. Cough.

July 25, 2011
The view this morning from my office at home.

The view this morning from my office at home.

Norman wonders what the white fluffy stuff is

Norman wonders what the white fluffy stuff is.

It’s cold, snowy and I’m still recovering from whatever lurgie it was that got me a couple of weeks ago.

The snow’s been a bit startling, hasn’t it? Norman has been enjoying it, running around like a maniac as her wee furry feet disappear into the piles of white stuff. And every time she flits off outside to commune with nature, she wants to warm/dry her feet on me when she arrives back in the cat door.

Seymour, on the other hand, is sensibly limiting his outside excursions to necessary toilet trips only. Apart from that, he’s snuggled up on his favourite couch enjoying the view.

I’m worked from home today, which is one good thing about my job I suppose: if the roads are treacherous I can stay here in the comfort of my little bat cave/office and work.

And another good thing about working from my home office: I can reach out the window to get chunks of snow for the purpose of snowball making without having to even leave the comfort (and warmth) of my office. As my well-insured husband discovered to his peril.

It's really got her baffled.

It's really got her baffled.


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