iPad 2 lacks some handy features

(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times)


Shopping for techno-goodies is always a fun pastime (nearly as fun as shopping for handbags) but I’m still undecided on whether or not an iPad will join my family of gadgets.

There’s no denying the sleek little machines are sexy to the nth degree but I’m still disappointed by the lack of a micro USB port in the iPad 2 that came out last month.

The web was buzzing with rumours about all the new, whizzy features that might be coming with the iPad 2 (cameras, USB ports and more)  and it seems the built-in cameras found favour with the Apple gurus.

The new Acer Iconia tablet is looking like it could be a good option, with its built-just-for-tablets Android Honeycomb operating system, front and rear-facing cameras and (drum roll please) USB port and micro SD card slot.

It’s all just a bit too hard to decide so I’ve put the tablet computer option on the backburner for now and instead went shopping for a new washing machine.

OK, so most of you might not think a washing machine is as exciting as buying a tablet computer but … well, you’d be right.

However, it is still a necessity and has caused some minor dramas in our household with Norman the Newbie Cat singularly unimpressed by the change from a front loader to a top loader: no longer can she sit in front of the washing machine,  enjoying the enthralling entertainment of watching the washing going around and around.

The trip to the washing machine shop did bring about one slightly more exciting purchase: a super-duper, noisy, beeping, coffee-making magic machine. It might not be an iPad but it is pretty sexy.


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