Meanwhile, in the real world

Model Gisele has stirred things up again, this time with the comment that sunscreen is poison.

She was speaking to media at the launch of her organic skincare line, Sejaa. Because, apparently, she protects her skin from the sun’s harmful rays by never going out in the sun after 8am.

That might be possible for someone who makes her living by wandering around on catwalks but for real people, who have real lives, it’s not possible.

And to say we shouldn’t use sunscreen is incredibly stupid and dangerous. Silly bint.

This follows on from her breastfeeding comments after haveing her kid back in 2009: you know, when she said it should be law that every woman should have to breastfeed their little darlings until they were at least six months old. Again, in the real world that’s not always possible and most real women would have a whole lot more real stress and drama to deal with than this woman would know what to do with.

Yes, real stress: money worries, caring for a family and working for a living (sorry, but I don’t see remembering to put one foot in front of the other as you trundle your way down a catwalk as being particularly arduous).



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