It’s hot, Norman’s insane and the moths are invading

Ah, another day in paradise. Today started out foggy and dreary. Have you ever wondered if fog is just a cloud that was too fecking lazy to get up in the morning?

But I digress. After a chilly-ish and dampish start the day ended up pretty good. Very good in fact. Probably even hotter than yesterday.

And now, at nearly 10.30 at night, it seems to be getting hotter.

Norman the Newbie Cat seems to magnify her attacks of insanity as the temperature. It could simply be co-incidence, but it could also be heat-related. We’re sitting in my home office right now, I’m trying to type as she does laps around my desk chasing moths and Seymour the Wonder Cat sits on the windowsill with a look of disgust on his face.

Pretty normal day all round really.


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