I have returned from the wilderness

Had a nice weekend at the hut, along with all the wildlife. We didn’t see any rats this time but did have a rather large, rather nosey possum on the roof on Friday night.

Bob (we reckon he looks like a Bob) made a not-particularly-light-footed leap from the roof to the picnic table and was last seen disappearing up a tree. We can’t help wondering if he was responsible for the indentation on our bed … it definitely looked like someone had been having a nap on our bed since we were last at the hut. We’re not sure how he could possibly have got in (perhaps he has a key?) but it’s all a bit suspicious.

I’m wondering if he actally lives somewhere in our roof since a “something big and furry with eyes” was spotted on our veranda the last weekend we stayed by my brother-in-law. He said it took off into the cupboard at the end of our veranda that houses our hot water cylinder. There’s a way into the inside of the ceiling from there but we haven’t been able to spot a way into the hut.

Apart from that it was all pretty uneventful but the frogs were quite noisy.


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