Hanging out at the river

The blokes bond over a beer while Judith keeps an eye on the fishing lines.

Hopefully the weather will be a little nicer this weekend … we’re heading out to the hut again and my plans involve books, wine and, well, not much else. But I plan on dealing with those books and wine in warm, sunny conditions.

That’s if the thing hasn’t been washed away with all the rain we’ve had in the past couple of days!

My sister Judith and brother-in-law Michael spent a weekend at the hut with us a couple of weeks ago: there was wine, reading and (drumroll please) the catching of a fish. And numerous eels, of course.

At least we now know there are some fish in the river.

Oh, and there was a rat, can’t forget the rat: quite a cute wee fellow he was, we spied him swimming across the river.

Anyway, we’re heading out there this afternoon so I can enjoy my final weekend of freedom before going back to work … might post here if I can get a connection but no guarantees..


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