Teens: low-slung loping wonders

What is it with teenage boys and their arms? Every single one of them that I’ve seen around town lately meanders along with street in that kind of slouchy lope that makes them look like a cross between an ape and a wolf.

They swing their entire arm as they walk, no bending at the elbow, and just about drag their knuckles along the ground.

Listen up boys: it’s not a good look. Besides, don’t you need to have your hands at the ready, poised for action at your bum area just in case those god-awful low-hanging pants you all seem to wear fall down?

Actually, that’s probably another contributor to the bizarre walking lope teen boys have: the low-slung jeans. I saw one last week who actually adopted a bow-legged walk to keep his pants up. He looked like John Wayne after a rough weekend.


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