It’s getting frighteningly close …

… and I’m not quite as organised as I should be. I was ambushed by a nasty bug that’s doing the rounds and was laid up for the first half of this week so I haven’t got nearly as much ready for Christmas as I should have. Although, all my shopping is officially finished because I was strangely organised on that side of things (yes, I know that’s a tad unusual for me, since I normally only start my Christmas shopping on December 23).

Anyway, the annual Allison family Christmas BBQ is at our house this year (we host turn about with my sister) so we’ll have a wee influx of wandering family members popping up on Saturday to eat, drink and (hopefully) enjoy the sun. I’ve got my sunblock ready to go.

I bought my final gift for the season yesterday afternoon, and it was for Seymour the Wonder Cat. He already has several pressies under the 3-ft tall plug ‘n’ play tree but I thought he like his very own (*whispers so Seymour won’t hear*) feather duster. Since he’s already shredded mine.

Now I just need to train him how to use the damn thing.


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