Back from the wilderness

Ah, this is the life ...

We headed out to our wee Mataura River hideaway after work last night … was nice to be sitting out on the deck at midnight, drinking rum and fishing.

Ah, good times. We didn’t catch anything but Grant did do battle with what we suspect was a devious, and stroppy, eel for about half an hour. In the end his line broke when it got tangled and Godzilla the eel made good his escape.

Thought we’d check out the futon to see if it was going to be any good as a bed but I can report that it sucked like, well, something really sucky. Or, in this case, lumpy. So it’s back to the drawing board on that one: looks like we’re buying another bed.

Apart from that, the crib/hut/home away from home is almost fully equipped now that I’ve bought a new coffee plunger.

Yes, I know I drink very little coffee since falling off the wagon but life’s too short for crappy coffee. Even in the middle of nowhere!

I assigned myself chief spider wrangler (I have a wasp phobia and the bloke of the house deals with those for me so it seemed only fair that I deal with the spiders).

However, there was no sign of the possum this time. I suspect we may have offended him on our last visit.


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