I vote they don’t breed

It should have come as no surprise to Pete and Alisha Arnold that their website would stir up a lot of debate, I only hope it’s one of those controversial sites that ends up being a hoax.

The couple, from Minneapolis, have launched their birthornot.com website to give the world the chance to vote on whether or not they should go ahead with their pregnancy or have an abortion.

Sure, they have lots of info on their site about why they are conducting this poll, and they had even more to say in the numerous interviews they’ve now taken part in for news agencies around the world but let’s be honest here: if these people are so stupid they feel the need to have total strangers vote on whether or not they should terminate a pregnancy, then they aren’t fit to be parents.

I’m pro-choice (which, for all you good “Christian” God-botherers out there, DOES NOT necessarily mean pro-abortion) so would have no issue with a couple deciding it wasn’t right for them for whatever reason. However, this is like some sort of sick joke.


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