And still no contact …

I submitted a ticket with support at my old hosting company this morning to ask if they could tell me what their Time To Live was set at because my old, somewhat buggered site kept popping up when typing in my domain name. Got the usual automated “we got your message, we’ll get back to you” response but still haven’t had an actual answer.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised:
Lost It

  • September 3: The initial upgrade failure happened. It took 4 days to get any sort of response
  • September 5-15: After that, I seemed to get a response every second day. And apart from not resolving the WordPress issue my other question was ignored. Okay, my site was partially phucked, I get that … what was left was what was left … BUT surely there could have been some sort of answer to the “when I try to log on it’s telling me my username doesn’t exist” problem. Even a “we don’t know” would have been something. Oh well, I spent a bit of time online doing some research and managed to replicate the table in the database required to give me access to my blog.
  • September 15: I received an email from Host Me which used such delightful terms as “irritating”. I wonder if they attended the same “Keep Your Customers Happy” course as Telecom? To top it off, someone changed the status of my eticket support request to “closed”.
  • September 16: Then (drumroll please), the Host Me final solution: “Would you like us to terminate your account”. You bet your arse I would.
  • September 17: I responded to an email from “Pete” at Host Me but got no reply.
  • October 6: After buggering off to the Gold Coast for a week or so, I got back and sadly, wasn’t surprised to find that there was still no reply. And now there was another problem: my disk space usage had gone through the roof while I was away.  I responded via the now re-opened support ticket to ask about that. No reply.
  • October 11: Same as above, used the ticket support system but still got no reply.
  •  October 13: Once again, using Host Me’s own support system I asked the same question. I also asked if the refusal to respond to my emails akin to an impetuous teenager throwing a tantrum and or more along the lines of “if we ignore her she’ll go away”? Guess what? Still no explanation on the web disk issue.
  • October 13, seven hours later: I tried a different question … why, when trying to import my existing WordPress blog on to another site was I getting an error message saying there was a critical file missing? Was there something I could do? Now I wasn’t asking questions because I wanted to stalk these people. Hell, I didn’t really even want to have email conversations with them. However, it’s the only contact method Host Me. I really just wanted to pack up what was left of my blog and get the hell out of Dodge.
  • October 28: That was today’s question and answer session (well, question and ignore I guess).

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  1. Jospeh Viau
    November 4, 2010 at 2:26 am

    The old believe everything; the middle aged suspect everything: the young know everything. Great Post!

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