Spring is sprung

Well, this wee spot of weather wasn’t exactly tropical! We got snow, and lots of it, which is really pretty unusual here.

Yes, I know everyone north of Balclutha think us Southlanders spend our time bonding with the polar bears that ice skate down main street but honestly, it’s not that cold.

Normally it’s not that cold, anyway. Except when we have bizarre, unseasonal spring snowstorms. In a city that rarely gets snow even in winter! s

Anyway, I’m officially on holiday (as of yesterday afternoon). The plan had been for a road trip … jump in the car and head for Wellington. However, when my well-insured, long-suffering husband picked me up from work yesterday I decided the weather was crap so we were going to the Gold Coast instead. Booked the flights and accommodation when I got home yesterday and we’re supposed to be heading out on Monday … let’s hope the snow stops so we can get out of town!


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