Feeling peckish?

Sandwiches in a tin? Really? Is the world ready for the Candwich?

More to the point, does the world NEED Candwich?

Yes, it seems we are and we do.

This culinary delight comes in four flavours, including peanut butter and strawberry jelly (I don’t get that whole American thing for peanut butter with jam/jelly, or the fixation with grape or cherry-flavoured anything, Cherry Cola … ick) and BBQ Chicken (or, as I like to call it Salmonella in a Can).

These long-life, canned sandwiches will be sold in vending machines.

 I’m undecided on just where this sits on the scale of weird shit sold in vending machines but reckon that even though it’s not quite as bad as the used undies in Japan, it’s definitely in the top 3.


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