Who’s a naughty boy, then? Allegedly

I do believe our political types should behave themselves when they are out there, representing us and travelling the world on our taxes but I think it’s a bit odd that a minister gets a slap on the wrist for misbehaving when the complaint initial complaint was made by someone who didn’t even witness the alleged misbehaviour.

Trade Minister Tim Groser was, allegedly, a naughty boy on a flight from Dubai. Drinking and being rowdy, apparently.


According to news reports, he was reprimanded by the PM’s office for his naughtiness but the same report says the complaint wasn’t made by another passenger but rather by someone who knew someone on the flight.

The report doesn’t say where the complaint was made … whether it was to the National Part, to the airline, the media or maybe even Telecom, because they must be pretty good at dealing with all sorts of complaints by now.

All very strange. Anyway, if he was playing up and being rowdy then shame on you Mr Groser.

But really, isn’t a complaint to an unspecified person or group made by a third party who didn’t witness the event being complained about a little bit dodgy?



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