*cough,cough* I’m back

Did you miss me? I’ve been offline for a few days, all full of nasty germs and stuff.

I went back to work today but I suspect I’m still not completely healthy … I crawled out of the pit this morning, had a shower and a cup of tea, then it struck me that it was quite a warm morning. Very warm in fact.

But no, it was just me and my germies … had a look out the window and it was all white and frosty outside. Even at 3 o’clock this afternoon when I escaped the office to grab some lunch it was still cold enough that I could see my own breath in front of me.

Even the little birdies who visit me each afternoon didn’t stick around for long. Normally they arrive between 3 and 4pm, both spending half an hour or so each outside my office window, chirping and leaping around to get my attention. Today they both arrived at the same time, hopped around on the metal pipe for just a few minutes (guess it was pretty cold under their wee birdie feet) and then buggered off.

Well, it’s either the cold that got to them or they’re peeved at me not being there for a couple of days.


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