Apparently I’m not a ninja

After consultation with the rest of the trainees learning about all things health and safety-ish at our course, we are not in fact qualified health and safety ninjas. We’re just fully trained health and safety reps. Which isn’t nearly as exciting.

Hell, I don’t think you even get a uniform with that title.

I’d rather be a ninja. I’d make  a good ninja, I reckon.

On some levels I already see myself as a ninja, lurking about the place and throwing things at people. That’s a good part of a ninja’s job description isn’t it?

According to one of my friends, I can’t be a ninja because they are so secretive they’d never tell anyone of their ninja status. However, as I pointed out to the aforementioned friend, perhaps I’m such a cunning ninja that I’m telling people on purpose, to throw them off the scent … (cue tense music and raised eyebrows).


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