The patient’s doing well

Seymour having a snooze on my bed the morning after his big op. Click on the photo for a closer look at his stitches!

Seymour the Wonder Cat went off to the vet on Thursday morning for a spot of surgery.

He had two different procedures done, the first the removal of a cyst and the second the removal of a mysterious lump. He developed the small cyst on his ear a few months ago but the vet had checked out and said was fine back when he went for this tooth-cleaning adventure last year. However, he had to go back to the vet to have the mysterious lump removed and the cyst had been bugging him so we decided to get it sorted at the same time.

When the ginger ninja arrived home on Thursday night he was a wee bit groggy and in a bit of pain. He spent a good part of that first night at home looking over his shoulder and growling that the pain.

Seymour never growls.

We don’t know yet if the mysterious lump is anything more sinister than just a mysterious lump (the biopsy results won’t be back for another week yet) but we’re keeping our fingers and paws crossed.


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