Bugatti fished out of lake

Remember the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere that was buried in Tulsa, Oklahoma? If not, click here (the link will open in a new window).

The lovely Miss Belvedere wasn’t quite so lovely when she was unearthed in 2007 and now there’s a rare Bugatti also gaining lots of interest after being given a damn good thrashing by Mother Nature.

Back in 1936, the 1925 touring Bugatti was pushed into Lake Maggiore by a frustrated tax official after the owner abandoned the car in Switzerland without paying import tax. Because the value of the vehicle was less that the money owed, the taxman had to destroy it so I guess the lake seemed like a convenient option.

A diver rediscovered the car back in 1967 (yes kiddies, I know that seems like a loooong time ago, back when dinosaurs walked the earth and I was about a year old) and it became a regular spot for divers to visit.

Last year, it was brought to the surface by the local dive club as a fundraiser.


PS: If you’re wondering what’s happening with Miss Belvedere, click here for an update on her derusting.


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