Invercargill’s flasher is world famous in cyberland *

An eagle-eyed colleague spotted a mention of our homegrown “Bulgarian airbag” flasher on the Register website. You know, the wee chicky babe who flashed her boobies at passing motorists only to be bowled over for her troubles. Then slapped with a $275 fine to boot. 

Not a fun day at the office. 

Speaking of fleshy mounds that may or may not be breasticles … there was an auction on Trade Me that had me baffled. Or maybe concerned. Perplexed, perhaps. 

Anyway, it’s a listing for a bra and I can’t decide whether the “model” wearing the product is a bloke with a fairly lacklustre set of man boobs or a woman wearing the lingerie equivalent of a boa constrictor. What do you think? Shemale or just bad judgment? Either way, it looks eye-wateringly painful. 


* Copyright: Me. Is that okay Coca-Cola?


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