Must try harder

I’m disappointed. According to Transparency International, New Zealand is the least corrupt nation in the world.


Using its swish-sounding “Corruption Perceptions Index for 2009″, Transparency International says the three MOST corrupt nations are Somalia, Afghanistan and Myanmar.

Our neighbours across the ditch took out 8th place. Way to go Aussie!

Apparently, the index ranks by perceived levels of corruption, determined by “expert assessments and surveys”. So I”m sure it’s accurate … well, maybe.

Okay, what exactly is an expert assessment in this case? Do they send an email to all our politicians asking if anyone’s offered them $20 and a free goat in return for certain special considerations? Do they just look at People In Authority (cops, the aforementioned politicians, people with briefcases, goat herders etc) and figure if their eyes aren’t too close together they’ll pass muster?

Oh well, however it works, let’s hope our People In Authority make a better effort next year. Bottom of the list? Not good enough.


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