Is that a rocket in your pocket?

Well, it’s been quite a day for all things spacelike, hasn’t it? What with rocket launches and alien invasions that aren’t alien invasions.

Okay, so we haven’t got a Kiwi astronaut going for a  spacewalk in their jandals and Swanndri but we did manage to launch our first home-grown space rocket, so congrats to all concerned. Sure, in the scheme of things Atea-One is just a wee tiddler but it’s the first time a privately-owned rocket has been launched in the southern hemisphere so all-in-all, pretty impressive.

Then there was the weird cloud formation in Wellington. It looked like a spaceship but really was just clouds.

Although, don’t get too comfortable in your alien-free surroundings: Bulgarian government scientists reckon there are aliens among us and that they are in contact with them. Hmmm, like I needed to be told about that … I’ve seen the photos of Suri Cruise …


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