Hold the front page: Simon Cowell gets waxed

I wonder if there’s a technical term for getting the hair on the backs of your hands removed. Y’know, a Brazilian is getting yer fufu plucked, so is the hand equivalent a … um, Mexican? Or a Ukranian perhaps?  I feel it needs a name. But I digress.

Simon Cowell, the highest-paid bloke on telly, has had his hands waxed. The backs of, not the palms. Just thought I should clarify.

There’s nothing wrong with a bloke looking after his appearance, which he obviously does with his sparkling white teeth and permanent tan. In the past he’s also admitted to having botox to smooth his perfectly tanned face.

But then again, I think that’s a standard deal for anyone in showbiz.

I have to say, I do think his hands now look a wee bit odd. The way the black, hairy undergrowth of his arms cuts off so suddenly at the wrist is somewhat distracting.


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