The long and the short of it

Long trousers and shorts: they’ve both been in the news today for causing a bit of a stir.

First up, it’s the shorts situation. It seems there’s a netball team in Palmerston North that has shorts as part of its uniform instead of the more common skirts. But (cue Jaws-like menacing music) Netball Manawatu, administrators of the sport in the area,  might not be a big fan of these new-fangled uniform items.

Well, depending on what day of the week it is, it would seem. You see Netball Manawatu general manager Joy Walden says the players HAVEN’T been banned from wearing shorts and told the Manawatu Standard newspaper that there was no story. However, she did send an email asking for a meeting and saying:

“It has been brought to my attention that this team are wearing shorts again.”

Confused? Me too.

Besides, netball is a full-on, physical sport. Wouldn’t shorts be a more user-friendly option than short skirts?

Anway, after getting our knickers shorts in a twist over this one, how about the female journalists who weren’t allowed near the Tongan King because they were wearing long trousers?

Surely it’s the job of a journalist visiting a foreign country, in particular visiting a dignitary in that foreign country, to know what is and isn’t acceptable?

Sounds like the King’s dogs had a blast, though.



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