So that’s what they mean by throw pillows

The law is an ass. Truly, an ass. With decorative pillows (and probably doilies) to boot.

Some poor sod in Wellington is on trial for assaulting his nephew. Fair enough you might say, assault someone and the law will deal with you.

However, his evil crime didn’t involved a closed fist, or even an open-handed slap. No, it involved hitting the kid on the head with a “small decorative cushion”.

Even more bizarre, the kid’s mother has admitted that she has used full-on physical violence to “discipline” the boy but isn’t facing any charges.

Holy crap, I’d better hand myself in: I regularly whack my husband over the head with a pillow (and anywhere else I can reach)  in the middle of the night in an attempt to stop him snoring. Okay, so it rarely lowers the volume but it sure as hell makes me feel better.



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