Ripped from the (old) headlines

What is it with all the anti-news stories about lately? I thought news stories were meant to inform us, to educate and offer us fresh facts and opinions. 

I can sort of forgive “Words can ease pain, I swear” from the Sydney Morning Herald because I guess while most of us already knew dropping the F-bomb in response to physical pain was helpful but it’s nice to see scientific proof to back it up. 

However, did we really need a news report to tell us (again) that meat pies are bad for us? Didn’t we already know they are loaded with fat and other nasties, just itching to clog up our arteries and make us extinct? And we certainly didn’t need an Aussie consumer watchdog group to tell us this time around. 

Speaking of Aussie, the news that Australian employers are ditching Kiwi workers in favour of Aussies as the recession bites and jobs become less plentiful should come as no surprise. It’s nice to see them showing loyalty to their own citizens (okay, so that  might not be a politically correct comment on my part, but tough). Now, if they were ditching Aussies and taking on Kiwis instead, that would be a story. 

Oh, and about that recession. It seems the banks have a bit of wiggle room when it comes to lending rates. No shit, Sherlock. The bastards are making huge profits while the average Joe Bloggs is struggling. Parliament’s finance and expenditure select committee has released a scathing report on the matter. Apparently they’ve “lashed out” at banks and been highly critical. Oooh, I bet the big, nasty bank managers are quaking in their boots. 

I’d be more impressed if all that lashing out and criticism was accompanied by the waving of a big stick and some action.


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