MetService, getting it wrong since forever

Okay, so I know I’ve been whinging about the state of the weather here over the past couple of days, what with the thunder, lightning, rain and blustery winds. However, I figured I was entitled to a whinge with all that coming on top of the big ol’ earthquake we had last week and all the aftershocks.

Anyway, according to the MetService weather info on Stuff, just an hour ago it was raining here in Invercargill. And just 12 degrees (strangely, 2 degrees higher than the maximum temperature of 10 degrees they say we will get today).

During the early hours of this morning, yes, it was truly bucketing down. And way colder than 12 degrees. But for most of today the weather has been nothing short of brilliant: Blue sky, white fluffy clouds and warm, warm, warm. So warm, in fact, that I’ve turned off the heating because our living room was like a sauna. And I have both windows in my office open to let in a breeze.

Not bad for the middle of winter.

PS: Mother Nature, I apologise for calling you a PMS-ing bitch earlier.


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