Exit strategies

It was nice to see the Stuff dudes and dudettes put a “graphic photo” warning on the story about the guy who stabbed himself in the neck during his court appearance (especially after the distasteful Michael Jackson photos last week) but I can’t help wondering what the warning related to. Was it the blood? Or was it the moobs (aka man boobs)? Because just between us, the moobs bothered me more. 

And apparently, it’s not the first time the collector of child pornography had tried to injure himself. It would seem he’s not very good at this whole suicide bizzo. And now he’ll probably be forever remembered as the bloke escorted out of the Wellington District Court with his hairy wee man boobs all a-quiver. 

I suppose, though, it’s no worse than the Papa New Guinean who tried to top himself with the help of a long-drop dunny

The first person on the scene was a woman who wanted to spend a penny but was put off when she heard someone calling for help. At first she thought it was a spirit. Of course. Whenever I hear noises in the loo I always assume the dunny’s haunted.


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