A little too much rock and roll

Well, that wasn’t fun. We just had quite a large earthquake that seemed to go on and on an on … (and we’ve had a wee few little aftershocks, either that or my house is shivering).

As always, GeoNet, the New Zealand site for the outfit we rely on for earthquake info couldn’t cope with the influx of visitors and crashed. When will they ever learn? When will they ever fix that damn site?

Anyway, I opted for my other go-to site for quake info, USGS, where the preliminary report said it was magnitude 8.2. Later, this was revised down to 7.8, which is still a big bastard. When GeoNet finally got its act together, the report there said 6.6. So take your pick.

All I can tell you is it was big and nasty. You know it’s a biggie when an Auckland news site leads with it (ie: the NZ Herald).

It even woke Seymour the Wonder Cat.


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