You feeling lucky, punk?

It’s the big Big Wednesday draw tonight and it seems like everyone’s making plans to win the dosh.

I suppose in the scheme of things, $25 million in cash plus the goodies (cars etc) isn’t as huge as some of the overseas lotteries but it’s still a huge chunk of cash. Life-changing, in fact.

Anyway, according to a Stuff story on the luckiest Lotto numbers, here’s how the odds stack up:


  • Dying in a car crash on New Zealand roads: 1 in 11,000
  • Having caught swine flu by yesterday: 1 in 40,000
  • Being struck by lightning: 1 in 280,000
  • Being elected Prime Minister: 1 in 4,312,532
  • Winning a share of Big Wednesday: 1 in 2,715,020

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