I think the rubber band broke

Today’s been … er, fun?  It started out incredibly cold, and icy, and slippery (and not in a good way, if you know what I mean).

After braving the elements and actually making getting to work, things were going along okay and I felt like I was actually making some progress on catching up on a week’s worth of work missed while I was sick when BANG, the power went out.


Turns out there was some kind of fault and the whole of the central city was in the dark. Our generator kicked in at the office but while we then had lights and cameras (well, the photographers were lurking, so that’s cameras), we didn’t have any action. The network was down.

No internet, not email, no network connection.

Once again, bugger.

So I came home, where I have the internet, email, a wireless network connection and Seymour the Wonder Cat (sitting here peering down at me from atop the computer tower as we speak).

That’s what we’re missing at the office: a pet. Sarah had her goldfish but they committed suicide (jumped out of the bowl). Maybe we could get a goat.


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