Building a business

As more information comes to light about Nadya Suleman, the mother of the octuplets born in Los Angeles, the more I think the woman is an A-grade idiot.

And a selfish one at that.

So now we know she already had six kids at home aged between 2 and 7, including twins.

Okay you might say, some people just want big families. Sure, I can buy that, I’m one of eight kids myself.  Not all born in one hit like that though, because let’s face it, us humans aren’t meant to have litters. That’s why we have just the two boobies, not six or eight.

Then there’s the fact that she’s single. But that happens all the time. Hell, I was a single parent for a while there myself. Not 14 times, mind you.

Oh, and she’s unemployed. Of course. Hell, when would you find time to work between conceiving all those kids? Besides, what better gift could you give your parents than living in their home with your 14 kids and no money?

Oh yes, that’s the other thing, she lives with her parents.

And now the mother of the year has hired publicists and is busy trying to decide which media outlet will get the first interview and first look at her babies.

And I’m sure it will all be for a tidy wee sum.


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