What I’ve learned while on holiday …

(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times)

As my wee holiday draws to a close, I have a few observations.

  1. Indy Weekon the Gold Coast is loud. And I pity the wee birdies trying to sleep in the trees by the beach because between fireworks displays and fighter jet flyovers the poor little buggers didn’t know which way was up.
  2. People-watching at casinos is fun: especially playing ‘‘spot the rich old dude with the young bit of fluff’’. Although, by the way the aforementioned young bit of fluff was checking out the barman last night, I’m hoping the rich old dude has a pre-nup.
  3. Every time I have a holiday, internet access gets easier and easier. It’s all good.
  4. All bars should be required by law to stock vanilla Galliano. Outside of South Australia, not many do. With a splash of lemon squash it tastes just like a lemon cheesecake. Only liquidy.
  5. I know we’ve got an election coming up. And I know I’ll be home in time to vote. However, now that I’ve finally started taking an interest in the news again it seems no one is particularly interested in the upcoming bunfight. The world financial crisis and Madonna’s marriage woes seem to be generating more buzz both online and in the real world.
  6. Did I mention the vanilla Galliano? And the lemon cheesecake connection?
  7. Australia Zoo is well worth a visit. It’s been two years since Steve Irwin died but his family and the staff at the zoo are doing their best to keep his legacy alive. It’s a long day if you’re going there from the Gold Coast (two hours from Surfers by bus) but once there you can touch a live snake, hand feed a kangaroo or an elephant, check out a wombat’s teeth, watch the crocs being fed and play hide and seek with any number of lizards (big buggers like the kimodo dragons and the little critters running freely around the zoo).

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