Well that just sucks (ooh, a bad pun)

How ridiculous is it that Pharmac — the government agency that pharmaceutical purchasing agency — has decided to give the okay to government funding for flavoured condoms?

It was just a few weeks ago that Pharmac turned down funding for 12-month courses of the breast cancer drug Herceptin and there have been many other controversial decisions on where to spend our tax dollars when it comes to drugs.

Ordinary, run of the mill condoms I can understand. Of course they should be subsidised and readily available. And they are. However, with the rate of teen pregnancies on the rise, it would appear that hasn’t had much of an impact.

The funding decision includes extra large condoms (yeah, right), ribbed (ribbed for her pleasure? We all know the really selfish blokes out there will turn them inside out), super sensitive (men? super sensitive? I’m saying nothing) and flavoured.

I guess someone wants to ensure all the blokes out there have suitably seasoned dangly bits. And hey, it’s obviously more important to make sure Kiwi blokes are getting their fair share of blowjobs than worry about those pesky things like cancer and blood pressure drugs.

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