Time for a sense of humour transplant

For those of you able to recognise a joke, thank you. For those who got a bit bent out of shape over this post: 

  1. Look at the category this has been posted under. If that doesn’t give you a clue, then perhaps you need to get out more.
  2. The whole concept won’t work because there’s not net connection on a plane? Then download the movie, or see note 1 above.
  3. It’s not about me being prejudiced, it’s more about taking the piss out of those who are biased enough to believe the worst of someone simply based on their colour or faith (see here for more on my views on that).
  4. Those who took the time to click on the offsite links to the right might have noticed they point to the website of a newspaper based in Invercargill, New Zealand, which is where I work. Threats of anal-probing agents, air marshalls and Gitmo don’t really feature in this part of the world.
  5. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or indeed a non-Arabic-speaking terrorist with magical in-flight broadband and a wish to be anally probed by the aforementioned secret agent) to work out that this was, in fact a joke.  Get over it.

PS: Point 4, the fact that I’m a Kiwi, is also why I spell colour with a “u”.


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