Customer (dis)service: week 12

LATEST UPDATE: I hope you’re all sitting down as you read this, because you are in for a shock.

Someone from Telecom has finally said “we’re sorry”. And offered a refund for all my dramas. Okay, so it took yet another e-mail of complaint on my part to get the apology, and I still haven’t actually had any sort of official explanation for what it was than went wrong with my broadband connection, but at least someone has acknowledged that there was a problem. So, thank you Dave at Telecom’s customer care online division.

However, Air New Zealand is still off my Christmas card list for it’s heavy-handed, boorish behaviour last week.

Iknow of someone else who had a similar change of schedule forced upon them for a domestic flight last year. They knew nothing about the change until they turned up at the airport to board their flight. Air NZ said someone had left message but the passengers said they never received that message.

That is probably my biggest concern about the whole incident last week: I was notified via e-mail of the change of flight time, so what if my spam filters had taken a dislike to the Air NZ e-mail and stopped it hitting my inbox? Would I have been in the dark until I fronted up at Coolangatta to come home?


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  1. Dennis Loren
    March 22, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    Very wise of New Zealand to agree to host Peter Jackson’s filming of The Hobbit. That’ll pay for more than a few ‘comfortable burrows’ 🙂

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