If you think our weather is bad …

So, how about this weather? Mother Nature has been a busy girl of late, what with earth-quakes and now gale-force winds.

On Tuesday afternoon, after surviving the overnight breezes, a relative newbie to the south asked a tad nervously just how often we get these kinds of winds. It seems the earthquakes don’t bother him so much because he can sleep through those.

I know it seems like the weather’s been pretty nasty but it could be worse.

USA Today has a list of its picks for the worst weather in history, both in the United States and internationally, and the conditions on Mt Washington don’t look too flash, either.

It seems the mountain is notorious for its bad weather and its climate can rival that of Antarctica.
It was there, on the roof of something called the stage office, where the world’s highest wind speed was recorded: It was a whopping 371kph.

Now that’s a bit breezy.

Meteorologist Dan Satterfield, who is the weather chick for an American news channel, has an entire website devoted to weather of the often wild variety. The site has been put together for kids but I’m sure there are plenty of grownups who will find the information fascinating.

If you want to keep fully up-to-speed with what’s happening weather-wise in Invercargill, don’t forget the Invercargill City Council’s clever little weather page.

And if you need to convert any of those knots per hour readings, Online Conversion has everything you need.

Weather specialist site AccuWeather has embraced bad weather in all its glory, creating the “worst weather” page, where it shows an an area of the US with the most miserable conditions of the day.
Within that area, the site’s artists pick out an interesting or unusual place name and create a cartoon based on it.

If it’s all a bit too much, how about a nice cup of tea and a lie down. I can’t help you with the lie down part of the equation, but you can get a free tea sample from Bell.


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