Long live The King in song, online and at the corner store


(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times)

Where were you when you heard the news that Elvis had left the building for the final time?

It’s been 30 years today since ol’ wobbly hips died but it seems there’s just as much interest in The King now as there was then.

But wait, before we start on our online tour of all things Elvis, we need some music —  psychobilly musician Mojo Nixon’s 1985 recording of Elvis is Everywhere (video below) should be just the ticket.

There are some — well, many — who don’t believe Elvis is really dead. They believe he faked his death for assorted reasons, from being fed up with all the fame to being an undercover drug agent. I don’t believe Elvis is in Tennessee, Tokyo or Taihape — in fact that he is anywhere but buried in the plot of dirt at Graceland that has his name on it.

However, independent film-maker Adam Muskiewicz reckons he’s uncovered the big conspiracy. He would appear to be a very intense and serious young bloke who says he doesn’t know if Elvis is alive or dead so if you happen to spot The King down at your local McDonald’s, help out poor Adam by joining his Elvis spotters’ club.

You can also record your sightings of the great man at the aptly named Elvis Sightings Bulletin Board.

Oh, and hold the front page: Elvis has been spotted on a rock in Colorado. Riiiight.

Moving right along …

If you’re looking for genuine information on Elvis, your best bet is the official site,  where you’ll find everything the true fan could possibly want. However,  if that’s not enough, check out his 30 No 1 hits, speculation on the mysterious upstairs area of Graceland and, for the truly dedicated among us, the jumpsuit database. If he wore it, they know about it.



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