Our MPs on the net: the beige-paint brigade

This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times)

Some politicians excel at looking silly

With all this drama going on about the live broadcasts from Parliament, I was expecting something exciting from our assorted politicians.

I was wrong. It was all about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Beige paint.

A spot of name-calling and childish behaviour isn’t anything new from our esteemed MPs, so Bob Clarkson calling someone a twit was no great surprise.

Then there’s the whole issue of not showing images of them looking silly. If they are so damn worried about that happening, perhaps they should make an effort to not look like knobs while doing what we pay them to do.

(Good thing George Bush isn’t a Kiwi — if we’re not allowed to show photos or footage of politicians looking like idiots he’d never get his photo in the paper.)

Instead of live broadcasts of our esteemed parliamentarians doing their thing, we could add a fresh element to the whole equation by adopting the Subservient Chicken method. This is a website run by Burger King, where a dude in a chicken suit does as you instruct: dancing on command, scratching his head, shaking his tail feathers and so on.

I’d pay good money to see Helen Clark doing the macarena while dressed as a chook.


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