Fugalicious: the burning questions

Drew Barrymore stands to one side to allow room for Hugh Grant's wayward hair.

Now that the Golden Globes have finally happened and we can begin our official countdown to the Oscars, it might be timely to pop over to one of my favourite websites to see what the Queens of style have to say on the state of the red carpet.  

Go Fug Yourself is run by fuggers extraordinaire Heather and Jessica, able assisted by their rather lovely and lickalicious intern George.  

They ask, and usually answer, the burning questions that bother us all. Why has Britney developed a sudden need to air her ladybits in public, what happens in Paris Hilton’s head and — something that’s kept me awake at night since yesterday’s Golden Globes — what the hell is up with Hugh Grant’s hair? Someone buy that boy a comb.  

The ever-bitchy Perez Hilton (http://www.perezhilton.com/) also has a nice wee rundown on his thoughts on the Golden Gongs and the after-parties.  

Some days I’m happy being a pleb.


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