Video game targets Bush

Poor old Georgie Bush is the smelly kid once again, this time playing a leading role in a video game that’s popping up on Islamic extremist websites. 

Players fight United States soldiers before trying to knock off the President in the game dubbed Night of Bush Capturing, which reports say has been produced by a group said to be a mouthpiece for several propaganda groups, including al Qaeda. 

Search for International Terrorist Entities Institute, a research group that monitors terrorist internet video releases, says the game has been released to radical Islamist forums by the Global Islamic Media Front. 

It was advertised online for a fortnight with a message saying it was distributed for “terrorist children”, before being released at the weekend. 

Of course, it’s not the first time Georgie has featured in a game. You’ll find a collection of Bush-based entertainment at the About website 

Besides, if it’s good enough for Michael Jackson and Lee Tamahori, then surely he’s in good company.


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