The fallen: we will remember them

Tuesday marks the 91st anniversary of the landing of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (Anzacs) at Gallipoli.

Thousands of young New Zealanders and Australians died in what many class as our defining moment as a nation.

On April 25 each year, we remember the 2721 New Zealanders who died during that campaign.

However, the meaning of Anzac Day has now broadened to include Kiwis who fought and died in all wars, and our troops today.

The official Anzac website is a good resource that explains the history of the landings along with the significance of the symbols associated with the services held to mark the day.

Probably the symbol most strongly tied to Anzac Day is the poppy. Tomorrow is Poppy Day, which always happens on the Friday before Anzac Day. If you are in town tomorrow you’ll see RSA volunteers on the streets, selling poppies.

You’ll find more information on Anzac Day, the commemoration services, sound clips and rituals at NZ History. The RSA also has a good range of information and the Aussies have got a site or two as well. Check out:, and


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