So, I like Microsoft

(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times)

Woohoo, only six sleeps to go.

smileyI realise I’m probably setting myself up for an influx of mail from well-meaning PlayStation groupies telling me why I should favour Sony’s games console over the Microsoft version but I don’t care. I’m an Xbox fan and in less than a week the latest beastie, the Xbox 360, will be hitting the shelves in New Zealand. I can’t wait.

It’s interesting just how passionate people can be when it comes to trying to steer someone away from Bill Gates’ empire. I regularly get e-mails from readers telling me why I should be using a Mac instead of a PC, Linux instead of XP, Opera instead of IE. After gently explaining that I’m quite happy with my choices, the not-so-gentle reader usually assumes I’m totally computer illiterate and sends e-mails saying as much.

Here’s the deal guys — I like my PC, I’m ecstatic about XP and I’m over the moon about IE. It’s not because I don’t know any better, because I do.

According to the statistics for my website, 96 percent of visitors are using a Windows-based operating system and 85.7 percent are using Internet Explorer to surf the net. I know my website isn’t a standout, but the stats I’m seeing are pretty average compared to the rest of the net.

So please, stop trying to convince me I’m a freak because I like products sold by Microsoft.

There are many reasons I’m a freak but that isn’t one of them.


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