Listen up head honchos

Trade Me’s announcement that it reduced the number of free listings available to traders has caused a bit of grumbling but is really likely to have minor impact.

The new rules say you can have up to 50 items listed at any one time without having to pay an extra fee. If your sales are good, you may be entitled to more. It’s not the end of the world, in fact it might just help clear out some of the categories.

Listen up Fairfax head honchos. If you’re in the mood to make a few changes at Trade Me, allow me to make some suggestions.

First up, a good on-site search engine would be fantastic — something that allows proper wild card searches and filtering.

Employ someone to actually read what’s written in the comments section of the community watch. Right now, if a member wants to complain about an auction they click on the community watch option, select the reason for their complaint and then enter a comment.

Some of Trade Me’s staff responses make it obvious that these comments aren’t being read.

Trade Me decided selecting the reason for the complaint wasn’t enough information and made a comment compulsory. At least have the courtesy to read that compulsory comment.


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