Time to start thinking about buying pressies

(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times)

Oooh, it’s December already.

How did that happen? It’s time to start thinking about buying pressies and decorating the tree. Or, in my case, moving the pre-decorated tree from the shelf in the cupboard to the shelf in the lounge.

I did have a few doubts about removing our fire this year. Sure, replacing it with a heat pump has made for a hassle-free winter but what about Santa Claus? I was unsure if he’d be able to find his way into the house with the fire gone but a wise 6-year-old informed me that Santa is quite adept at finding his way in via keyholes and cat doors.

Whew, crisis averted.

Telecom’s new shopping site is up and running just in time for the holiday-season shopping sprees. Ferrit features more than a million products from dozens of retailers, including Marbecks, Noel Leeming and Dick Smith. There had been speculation that Ferrit would be competing directly with Trade Me but Ferrit lists new products only.

Speaking of Trade Me and Telecom, a regular poster on the Trade Me message board has received notification of a prize won in the Telecom Big Dreams survey. I’ve been following the thread for two weeks to see what the prize would be. So have many, many, many other Trade Me uses . Telecom, hurry up and get that prize to Me67 because we’re all itching to know what it is.


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