Weird, weird world of WWW

Sometimes I wonder just where the ideas come from for the rich array of websites that make up the weird wide web. 

Did the genius behind Cats in Sinks simply look at his or her cat, think: “ah, I’ve got a cat. And a sink. Perhaps I should have a website.” I have a cat. I also have a sink — a couple of them in fact — but it’s never once occurred to me that I should combine the two for the benefit of the wider online community. 

However, I must say it’s not a bad combination — the cats are all (of course) very cute, the sinks are all very sink-like and the end result is quite entertaining. 

Sadly, unlike Rate My Kitten you don’t get to give the assorted felines marks out of 10 and the owners inferiority complexes. 

If you’re in a rating kind of mood, take a look at the ink on show at Rank My Tattoos. If you get bored rating all the tattoos you can play a game of body part bingo by trying to work out just what part of the anatomy some of the tattoos in the close-up photos adorn.


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