Blast of the mohicans

Mullet mania: They're out and proud!

Mullet mania: They're out and proud!

(This is the Online column, written for The Southland Times)

For those of you who missed the big news of the week, the hair-do hall of shame has been announced.

Yes folks, it’s official, according to a survey for Braun the mullet is one of the nastiest fashion trends of all time. It’s No 2 on the list, right behind the mohican, favoured by that Beckham wally and other sporting pretty boys.

Some of you may think I’m obsessed with mullets and you’d be right. (Take note Kiwi politicians: promise to make the heinous mullet illegal and you’ve got my vote in the upcoming election.)

Believe it or not, there are people out there who are actually quite proud of their mullets. Michael Bolton and my brother spring to mind.

Take a look at Mullets Galore and you’ll find even more mullet-loving freaks. Then there’s Mullet Junky, Mullet Madness, Mullet Lovers and the now infamous Rate My Mullet.

Be warned, you may need tranquillisers and years of therapy after visiting these sites.

As for the much-maligned mohican do that tops the list, the version worn by the David Beckhams of this world has about as much street cred as Paul Holmes.

For rating fun that doesn’t involve the possibility of the significant emotional scarring that comes from mullet-watching, gather your loved ones around the computer screen and prepare yourself for all the oohing and aahing that follows when looking at Rate My Kitten. There are puppy and bunny versions of the site, too.


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